Woman's Club of Aransas County

& Men's Auxiliary


Woman's Membership

Any woman that is interested in furthering the objectives of the organization shall be eligible for membership. Annual Dues are $25.00.

Men's Auxiliary Membership

Any man who whishes to provide assistance and support to the Woman's Club of Aransas County may join the Men;s Auxiliary by making an annual donation to the Woman's Club equal to the annual dues.

Contact: Jean Holland 317-407-2349.

Charter Members

  • Mrs. Fred Booth
  • Mrs. Fred Bracht
  • Mrs. Arthur Bracht
  • Mrs. Weldon Cabaniss
  • Mrs. Fred Christilles
  • Mrs. C.C. Fowler
  • Mrs. Fred Hunt
  • Mrs. James Jarboe
  • Mrs. Joe Johnson
  • Mrs. J.R. Mills
  • Mrs. R.R. Rice
  • Mrs. C.F. Rozell
  • Mrs. Emory Spencer